The HTK Companies have provided exceptional services to the upstream energy sector since 1991. HTK Inspection Services strives to provide the same level of high quality service to the midstream and downstream segments as well. We provide inspection and project management services from the wellhead through the refinery. This applies to many other industrial sectors including commercial infrastructure, utility and highway construction. We provide the highest quality individuals to help ensure a project runs smoothly and efficiently. We employ superior field personnel who strive to provide the best communication and coordination with our clients and work to ensure your best interests are diligently addressed and managed well. HTK Inspection Services is based in Houston, TX to provide service for the entire Gulf Coast and across the US.


The key to our success is hiring and keeping outstanding people who recognize and share a goal for performing a job with the highest levels of quality and integrity. It is very important for HTK to provide an extraordinary level of service and to treat every job as if it were our own project. This means we will only seek work for which we have suitable and proficient staffing, and when we are on a job, there is a very high expectation and standard we have for our people. Our clients’ interests on any job will be our main focus, and successful and safe execution will be the goal. Our utmost concern is high level of representation and clear and honest communication.


HTK Inspection Services personnel will be energetic, communicative, professionally dressed and visible and will act wholeheartedly on your behalf as a company representative on your projects. Our personnel will not only be your “eyes and ears” on-site but will also be forward thinking to help with planning and not just serve to watch and report. Our professionals will be well informed and trained. Inspectors will facilitate daily planning and morning meetings to review and discuss impending project work to make sure all will be done efficiently and according to the your health, safety and environmental practices, including empowering service providers to “Stop Work” in the event of potential hazards. They will work hand-in-hand with clients to enable seamless and efficient project coordination.