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We have the resources, expertise and personnel to confidently provide petroleum engineering and project management services in the most challenging environments and applications that include:

  • Deep, high pressure drilling
  • High angle and/or extended reach drilling
  • Floating drilling operations
  • Completion operations including high-rate water packs and frac-packs

Our engineers are degreed professionals with extensive “hands-on” experience and decades of exposure to the demands of real-world conditions in virtually every major theatre of operations.


Critical operations demand experienced handling. On-site well supervision by trained, qualified and proficient personnel ensures fast, safe and efficient operations. Our well site supervisors are:

  • Field-seasoned veterans
  • Average 25 to 30 years of experience working for major oil companies and drilling contractors worldwide

Virtually all HTK Consultants supervisors have a scope of expertise obtained directly by working their way up the ladder. Starting out as floorhands and derrickmen, they built their skill set as they advanced from bottom to top to become drillers, toolpushers and rig managers.


We offer expert witness services to the oil and gas community on matters dealing primarily with:

  • Drilling operations
  • Contract disputes
  • Fair market value appraisals
  • Bankruptcy

While most expert witness work is done in the United States in both State and Federal courts, HTK Consultants has also provided expert witness testimony in London, Trinidad and Tobago.